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Income Tax

As the 2017 tax year comes to an end, it’s time to start preparing to file your 2018 income tax return. Each year, tax deductions and credits disappear and new ones emerge to take their place. You’re busy with your job and family and probably don’t have time to keep up with the changing tax code.


You may do your own taxes, using a tax software package to help with preparing your return. These packages are really good at walking you through your tax return preparation. But remember, the canned interview questions are meant for the masses. They are not going to drill down if you have an unsure look on your face when you answer a question. They accept your answer and move on to the next question. An experienced tax preparer can discuss any question with you in depth, ensuring that you completely understand the question, so that you can give an accurate answer. The cost of missing a deduction or a tax credit can far outweigh the cost of paying as professional to do your taxes. Also, claiming a deduction or credit that you are not entitled to can get very expensive when the IRS comes calling. These concerns are heightened if you’ve had a non-typical event in your life like selling your home, renting out a home, sending a child to college, adopting a child, or large medical expenses. Also, handling stock transactions, RSUs and stock options correctly can be daunting and claiming the correct basis can easily be missed.


I’m an Enrolled Agent (EA), meaning that I am federally licensed and have earned the privilege to represent tax payers before the IRS in all tax matters. Enrolled Agents must pass the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE) which consists of three parts related to individuals, businesses, and procedures. Also, EAs have passed a background check administered through the IRS.  

At Brycast I offer professionally prepared tax returns, tax planning advice, and can review you prior year return to look for missed deductions and credits. My rates are very reasonable compared to the national chain firms, and I'm flexible when it comes to availability. Please give me a call at (512) 293-4170 to set up an appointment, or discuss your tax situation.