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Latest Tax Article:  Tax Returns, W-2s, 1099s, etc. Available from IRS

The IRS keeps copies of your tax returns, W-2s, 1099-MISCs, 1099-Rs, etc. You can quickly get free copies of these documents online by going to the website

You'll have to create an account to get access to your documents.

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Latest Finance Article: The Cost of Owning a Mutual Fund

Although mutual funds can be a good way to diversify your investments across many securities, it can be an expensive way. There can be many fees associated with owning a mutual fund, and it’s not always obvious how much you are being charged. The fund’s prospectus is the definitive source for identifying the fees. However, the prospectus can be 50 pages long and if you own 10 or more mutual funds you may not get around to determining the fees associated with each fund.

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